Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I Walk the Line

This is not a Johnny Cash tribute. Sorry if you're disappointed

At work today, I entered in to a discussion with a gentleman about our busy lives. Both of us agreed that we enjoyed being busy and the variety our particular jobs gave us. In fact, we both remarked how impressed we were with those who have to face the same task day in, day out such as assembly line workers, medical transcriptionists, etc. Those kind of jobs would drive us crazy.

This got me to thinking how exhilarating and stimulating I find my work (most of the time). But I've also noticed it's a fine line between exhilarated and overwhelmed. And I've been spending a lot of time on the wrong side of the line. Additionally, jumping back and forth over that line is pretty exhausting, as well.

I've been told it's all about choices. And tonight I made what is seemingly an odd choice.

I had signed up for a Stress Management Class at work. The class is being held the next four Wednesday evenings. I hoped I could learn some techniques to help me handle the stresses (job, home, personal, etc) of my life. But as the time for the class approached and the thought of the next four Wednesday nights being taken from me, I started to get stressed. So I didn't go tonight and I won't be attending at all.

I stayed on the right side of the line...tonight, anyway.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Born to Pun

A comment on a recent post chided me for my puns. My response...with a last name like Best, baby I was born to pun.

Example: a few years ago, my sister Cassie was visiting. One evening as we were preparing for bed, she glanced out the window and mentioned that it was a "Brucie" moon. "Brucie moon????", I asked. Cassie explained that before I was born or when I was very little and too young to remember (Cassie is 5 years older than me, Jean 7-1/2 years older, and Bruce(ie)is 10 years older) our Mom named the different stages of the moon based on age. Bruce was the full moon, Jean the half moon, Cassie the quarter moon. So I asked, what was a Barbie moon? She didn't know if there was one. I then proceeded to show her a Barbie moon by "mooning" her.

A few months later during a family gathering someone used the word moon, which sent Cassie into a laugh attack, recalling my "moon walk". This prompted a retelling of the tale. Bruce then started laughing so hard his lips turned blue. But he was able to spit out "That was no moon. That was a planet...the planet Uranus."; to which I replied, "Bruce, I'm tired of being the butt of your jokes."

It's genetic. I cannot be held responsible.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Sibling Rivalry

Dogs show dominance in many ways. One such method is by urinating in the place another dog has gone. I guess this is a case of "she who pees last, pees loudest...".

Grace is definitely top dog in our household for many reasons, but this (literal) "P*ssing" contest has risen to a ridiculous level.

When I got home from work tonight, I let the dogs out in the yard, as usual. Grace chased Dora around the yard waiting for her to relieve herself so Grace could immediately relieve herself in the same spot. Poor Dora had not a moments peece.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

On The 8th Day God Created Snacks

In my Pre-Schoolers' Sunday School class, we've been studying creation and in an effort to reinforce the lesson, I've been trying to tailor the snack with the lesson - apples for day three, gingerbread men for day 6, etc. On two particularly inspired occasions, I served Lucky Charms cereal (hearts, MOONS, STARS, and clovers...) and FROSTED animal crackers (I figured things were particularly sweet prior to the fall).

I'm concerned that I'm having fun and gaining a lot of satisfaction in my snack choices and I may be spending more time choosing the snack than preparing the lesson.