Monday, March 26, 2007

Profound Thoughts

What came first, spring (the season) or spring (the coiled wire)? I definitely have a spring in my step during the spring, which leads me to believe that the wire inspired the season.

Your thoughts????

Saturday, March 24, 2007

I Heard a Voice from Heaven, Like the Sound of Many Waters

For as long as I can remember, I've loved the water. More specifically, I love the sound of water - rain on awnings, wild & wicked thunderstorms (complete with lightning), waves crashing on shorlines and...the rushing waters fo a creek running high, making it's path through the rocks and stones in it's way.

My mother and my paternal grandmother both loved the water, as well; so perhaps the attraction is genetic. I only know that the waters speak to some innermost part of me. Light spring showers make me smile. The gentle lapping of waves on a beach lull me to sleep. Loud, blowing thunderstorms excite me like roller coasters - fear mixed with pleasure.

There are many instances where the voice of God is described as sounding like water - whether it be soft or loud, gentle or angry. Maybe that's why I get a thrill when I hear the waters - there is a message in there somewhere.

And now for your viewing and listening pleasure, check out Four Mile Creek.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Out of the Mouth of Babes

While we were praying during last night's Bible Study, baby Previte was chatting and gurgling away. I thought that's how we must sound to God - as babes. And His reaction is the same as mine was - a smile :)

Friday, March 02, 2007

New Year's Resolution Update

Two months of 2007 are gone so I thought you might be interested in how I'm progressing with my New Year's Resolution. If you recall, I decided to declutter my brain and my home by ceasing the purchase of magazines.

I made it through January without buying a one, unless you count the TV Guide, which I don't (it's a guide not a magazine).

The first week of February I got sidetracked in the grocery store aisle by the latest edition of Better Homes and Gardens (not even one of my usual purchases). The cover featured three of my top favorite subjects - decorating, organizing, and eating. Plus, the cover photo was a very beautiful shade of pink. Then I was taken by a copy of Real Simple - which, by the way, is not real or simple. To live their version of the simple life, one must have a lot of money. Which requires a lot of working hours. Thereby necessitating the purchase of all the life-simplifying gadgets.

This past week, all the March issues of various periodicals were released and they all feature SPRING! RENEWAL! COLOR! LIGHT! They've caused me particular temptation because I've been especially feeling the effects of winter - the cold; the lack of light; the heavy, claustrophobic feelings from being bundled up in coat and boots. I broke down and bought a copy of Prevention and a a special edition of Prevention Eat Smart. I suspect I was prompted to purchase these because of the new hope that spring brings - flowers, greenery, renewal. Perhaps by practicing healthier habits I might feel a new energy and "aliveness".

So I haven't completely stuck to my resolution, BUT by my calculations, since January 1 I've forgone 4 issues of Women's Day, 4 issues of Family Circle, Women's World, Simple Scrapbooks, Cooking Light, Good Housekeeping, Do It Yourself, Family Handyman, and umpteen others. In addition to the money saved, that adds up to a lot of magazines that are not cluttering the floors of my home (because I hate to throw them out). And more importantly, that's a lot of information that is not cluttering my mind and making me feel less than adequate.