Sunday, May 04, 2014

Jesus' Curfew - A Poem

About two months ago my friend, Adiel and I went to Poets' Hall to listen to some folks read their poetry.  We had a great time meeting people from all walks of life coming together to share their compositions from a variety of poetic styles.  We enjoyed ourselves so much that we returned and now have vowed that at our next visit we will actually share some of our work (eek!).
At that first visit, a reporter from the Erie Times-News was there interviewing some of the artists and audience members.  When the article was published a few weeks later I read it with interest.  In the article, the proprietor of Poets' Hall, Cee Williams was quoted as saying their only rule was "no Jesus after 10:00 pm".  Later, on his Facebook page Cee said he hoped people realized he was only kidding when he said it.  I have no reason to believe otherwise; I've got quite the talent for quick quips that can be taken the wrong way, so I can relate. 

Yet, the idea that there was a time limit on Jesus got some ideas percolating in my head.  This is what was brewed. 

Dedicated to Cee

Jesus’ Curfew

“No Jesus after ten-o’clock”, said Cee,
Albeit, with a grin.
“They’re a rough crowd here.
We can’t possibly let Him in.

He’ll feel uncomfortable and awkward
The LORD we might offend.
To His religious sensibilities
We can’t possibly attend.

The folks that come have been abused and hurt
And down on their luck.
They need to release their pain
Quite often they say ‘Fuck’”

The Lord listened to all of this
And then He spoke to Cee
“You’ve got it all wrong
Who did I hang out with when I lived in Galilee?

They were tax collectors and fishermen
Even prostitutes.
It was to the overly religious crowd
My message didn’t compute.

When my friends and I hung out and talked
The language could turn blue
(Although when those guys cursed
It was in Hebrew).

I conquered sin and death, my friend.
I've been to hell and back.
With your repentance, God’s forgiveness
My love you’ll never lack.

So the folks at Poets’ Hall are earthy.
I really like that!
Remember when God created man
It was with dirt in which He spat.

So ten-o’clock’s my limit, huh?
That curfew I will flout.
‘Cause I’m King of kings and Lord of lords
How ‘ya gonna keep Me out?”