Friday, September 23, 2005

Ladder Day Saint

Well, it appears I will be taking another step up the career ladder. My boss mentioned to me that he and his boss plan on giving me additional duties and the loftier title that goes along with them. Money, loftier or otherwise, has not been yet been mentioned. I don't really care about a title. Money isn't all that important. I did not seek or expect the promotion but actually, the additional duties will make my current job easier. Many of the process issues my department experiences occur because of a lack of communication and teamwork between my staff and the staff for whom I will assume responsibility. In this new position I believe I can positively effect change for all concerned, and improve the performance of my department(s). It's no secret to those who know me that my career goal is that of wife and mother. At my age, the possibility of mother is shrinking. But I've been holding out hope for a position of wife to open up. I've been wanting to apply for that job a long time, but no one's shown any interest in even interviewing, let alone hiring me. Now, I'm taking a step up a career ladder I don't really want to be on in the first place. And every step up this ladder takes me a step further from the ladder on which I want to be.
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