Thursday, November 06, 2014

The Lantern

On the basement shelf sits an old kerosene lantern,
The finish touched only by time.
The globe is covered by dust, collected in it’s curves.
And rust is beginning to mar the base’s seams and edges.

Cobwebs hang in the corners of the shelf
And dust that’s landed evenly over the surfaces
Show no activity here for a long time.
No fingerprints or scrapes in the layers

This lamp was placed there long ago
With dreams of adventures and trips to come
But newer models came along
Lighter, sleeker, easier to use, brighter.

Its charred mantle gives evidence
Of having once been lit,
That once it brought forth a soft glow;
But it sits forgotten and replaced.

There’s still fuel to be burned
Still able to provide warmth and light someone’s way
It waits expectantly,

Ready for a match.
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