Saturday, October 04, 2014

An Adirondack Performance

Sacandaga Lake, Sept 2014

“My heart leaps up...” said Wordworth,
Though he spoke figuratively.
MY heart does cartwheels and backflips
When in the woods and trees.

The heavens declare God’s glory.
All creation sings.
I’m privileged to be in the audience
Viewing this production of the King.

Costumed in red maple robes,
Oak yellow and evergreen.
Wind blows through the trees,
The choir voicing its melodic paean.

Lake waters ripple softly;
Waves add their harmony.
Crickets chirp, squirrels chatter,
Geese honk their antiphony.

Bright sun shines its spotlight
On the expansive stage.
The musical continues on
All throughout the day.

Daylight dims, the winds die down
The choir’s song begins to lull.
The moon rises, stars come out.
A celestial curtain call!

The stage goes dark. To bed I go
Yet my heart it still does leap.
Memories of day’s glorious show
Continue in my dreams as I drift off to sleep.

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