Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Obama as Nebudchanezzar

The Bible says we’re supposed to submit to government authorities as they were put in their positions by God.  I’ve tried to follow this directive.  While others refer to him as “Obama”, I’ve tried to intentionally use his title President Obama, conferring respect for his position.  I may not have felt respect, but I thought by using his title I might eventually develop some.

The day after his last inauguration speech, I was driving to work listening to talk radio during my long commute.  The previous week had contained a particularly large number of hot topics in the news including the economy, jobs, Benghazi, abortion, same-sex marriage, and women in combat.  The IRS and NSA scandals hadn’t even entered the picture, yet.  As the radio shows and news reports were rehashing the President’s inauguration address in which he touched on these divisive issues I remember being struck with – not anger or frustration, my normal reaction; but with a deep sense of sorrow for our country.  Suddenly I realized why President Obama so brazenly flaunted unbiblical principals – God had hardened his heart, as He had with other leaders throughout history.  At times, God hardened leaders’ hearts as a judgment of the people of the nation, their defiance of His authority.  This is what I felt on that day; God had hardened our President’s heart because of the American people’s disregard for Him.
And so I began praying more regularly for our country and its leaders, including President Obama.  I prayed for a return to the Biblical principles on which our nation was founded and our constitution developed.
Though I disagree with President Obama’s policies, I honestly believed he wanted the same outcome as I did.  You know - life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, the Bill of Rights, the self-evident truths.  Since Syria crossed the “red-line” and subsequent developments it’s become clear to me that I was naive. 
When it was revealed that Syria had used chemical weapons, I supported US intervention.  When you take a child’s life, you forfeit your own.  Period.  No amount of diplomacy can correct such evil; there is no room for negotiation when a kid is involved.  My motto – “Don’t mess with kids” (and were I not trying to exhibit a bit of decorum, I’d use another four letter word other than ‘mess’).
However, the President’s comments and behavior these past few weeks have led me to change my position on attacking Syria.  Obama’s (note the missing title) flip-flopping, denials and blaming demonstrate his motives.  He is not defending US interests; he cares not for the US Constitution, his motivations are not innocent Syrian citizens and children, and the only life, liberty and pursuit of happiness he’s interested in are his own.  He doesn’t even support his supporters or staff; he routinely hangs them out to dry.   I don’t trust him.  In addition, Obama doesn’t even know what he wants to accomplish in Syria so getting involved with not even a remote goal would be disastrous.
As I listened to Obama’s lackluster speech last night I was reminded of that day last January when I was struck by how hardened his heart was.  As I drove to work today, again listening to the talk radio hosts rehash the speech, God reminded me of another story – that of Nebudchanezzar.  In the Daniel 4 passage, because of his pride and disregard of God Nebudchanezzar went insane for a period and roamed the fields eating grass, like cattle.
After having to dine on the crow he served up these past few weeks, Obama can expect to be eating a vegan diet for a while until such time that he humbles himself.  Unfortunately our country will suffer in the meantime.
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