Monday, March 10, 2008

Barbling 4 (Legs)

It's official. All Barblings have had sleepovers at Miss Barb's, including the 4-legged one. Daisy spent the weekend with Grace, Dora and I. But unlike the other Barblings, she seemed a bit homesick. Maybe it was because this sleepover did not include a trip to DairyQueen.

Daisy wasn't totally unhappy, though. She preferred to eat Dora's food so she got a bit of a treat there. And Dora preferred Daisy's food, so no one went hungry. In addition, since I have a fenced in yard, she was able to romp around in the snow unleashed.

A note to Mom & Dad: she did not jump on the furniture or sneak up the steps. Unlike Barblings 1-3, she maintained her good behaviour, despite the bad influence of Grace and Dora and the spoilings of Miss Barb.

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